Pavan Duggal

Pavan Duggal has been acknowledged as one of the top four Cyber Lawyers in the world. While a practicing Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Pavan Duggal has made an immense impact with an international reputation as an expert and authority on Cyber law and E-Commerce law.

About Us

Cyber Law India is a voluntary platform for discussion, debate and analysis of prevailing Cyber laws in India. It is also the platform where the necessities of having new kinds of Cyberlaws and cyber legal provisions in the Indian context are discussed.

Cyber Law India continues to hold the torch for propagating the cause for having in place sound stringent as well as enabling cyber legal provisions. Only in having a strong cyber legal regime, would India be having the appropriate foundations to build its edifice all aimed at achieving the status of an IT superpower in the time to come.

Cyber Law India has been led by the vision, thought process and foresight of one of the best cyber legal jurists of our times being its President, Dr. Pavan Duggal, by his incisive analysis and original research, has provided thought leadership on the need for having in place far more stringent, effective as well as industry enabling Cyber law provisions.

The contribution of Dr. Duggal to the growth and revolution of Cyber law in India is indeed monumental. Dr. Duggal has been a prolific writer and author. Dr. Duggal has also the distinction of being a brilliant orator. Having spoken at more than 2000 conferences, over the last many years, Dr. Duggal has had the distinction of leading from the front, when it comes to any discussion on any issues pertaining to Cyber law in India.

His entire body of work, is available online. Dr. Duggal is often quoted by the media on relevant subjects encompassing Cyber law. Dr. Duggal also holds various other distinctions to his credit. Dr. Duggal has provided thought leadership to corporate India on how they can effectively channelize the strength of Indian Cyber law to further propagate their business and further give their business activities a tremendous boost.

Pavan Duggal, has been devoting his time to spreading more awareness about Cyber law in India. He has lectured extensively in various National Law Colleges, Law Schools, Universities, Management Institutions, National Police Academy, National Judicial Academy, Government Training Institutes, Judicial Academies, Corporate Indian Institutions and Associations, specialized and professional bodies, etc. on a variety of complex and complicated legal issues in cyber space. Dr. Pavan Duggal’s contribution to the growth and revolution of Cyber law in India can indeed be called yeoman in nature. Dr. Duggal is passionately committed to the cause of further strengthening Cyber law in India to such a level that other countries start emulating Indian Cyber law as a role model.

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